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Crossfire Cloud EDI is built and managed by Sandfield.  We've been providing solutions for our clients for over 20 years, including EDI.  We focus on building long-term cost effective systems for our clients - clients from 20 years ago are still clients today.  See the Sandfield website for other services we offer.

The Crossfire database is powered by Sandfield DBA Services


Just as email has moved from an in-house environment to hosted, more of our clients were asking us to host and manage EDI services for them.  By moving Crossfire EDI to the cloud, we could more easily scale and manage EDI for all our clients.  The result is a more cost effective offering for each client, and in a state of the art hosted environment.


We've been building business systems for our clients for over 20 years, and transmitting business transactions between systems has been an important requirement for most clients.  EDI became more an important business requirement, rather than a nice to have add-on.